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 @JB TexasEx JB, I disagree with your assessment/interpretation about what that article is saying.   A&M didn't originally ask for the $20 it was OFFERED to the big 3 in an effort to keep Texas and OU from going to the PAC and A&M from bolting to the SEC.  Dan Beebe OFFERED that to keep the ship from sinking.  When it became apparent that his mouth wrote a check that his rear couldn't cash, OU and Texas let him off the hook (because due to TV revenue split rules in the Big 12 they were very likely to get their $20M regardless).  It appeared A&M was unlikely to get the promised $20M however.  Soo, the other 8 said they would chip in to help Beebe cover his promise.  If you want to see that as A&M demanding $20M then so be it.  


In addition, Texas started the LHN saying they would have 1 FB game per year on LHN.  Immediately after A&M decided not to leave for the SEC and agreed to Beebe's $20M and came back to the Big 12, Texas demanded 2 games.  This year it's up to three games.    It won't stop there either, and A&M knew it wouldn't so A&M decided to do what was best for them.  Just get over it already.  We're happy with our decision and there is no doubt is was the best decision for us.


Dodds is obviously worried about the implications of A&M being in the SEC and about the SEC schools having greater access to the state.  He took an innocent question about the possibility of holding the Big 12 vs SEC Champion Bowl in the state of Texas and he showed his fear by turning it into a weak (and non-factual) slight aimed at A&M.  I have to LOL.

2 years, 9 months ago on Texas AD Says SEC Has “A Sliver Of The East Side” Of Texas