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@JonPOgden Saying that intellectual property is force is just as Orwellian and Marxist as saying that property itself is theft.

1 year ago on Innovate Government Away: Tech beats the bureaucracy


What's this even about? Sounds like somebody's just mad that the court might actually protect our inalienable individual rights for once by striking down Obamacare and Obama's other blatant violations of our rights and the Constitution.


You fail to actually mention any examples of the Supreme Court being tyrannical like you say it is. But I'm pretty sure that's what the root is here. An attempt to portray the protection of our inalienable rights as a violation of rights. Because every liberal knows that the needy have the "right" to have the able slave away to give them things.


From those according to ability, to those according to need, by "right", right?

2 years, 8 months ago on Rule of Law vs Rule by Lawyers