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5th photo from the bottom on the first page - it's the japanese version of M.O.P

16 hours, 50 minutes ago on Grassroots Love At The Black Mark Day


Is it just me or was there a video somewhere of Ken Nomura trying to drift that SR Platz?

17 hours, 1 minute ago on JDM Authenticity: Getting Back To Basics


Wait, your telling me that you can't have competitive drift cars that are super low? Go tell Mad Mike that... 

2 weeks, 5 days ago on Change Is Bad


Do you always want to keep on using CNC and fiberglass to make your kits, or in the future do you want to venture into lower-volume production metalwork, or utilizing other materials like carbon fibre or carbon kevlar?      

3 weeks, 6 days ago on Mr. Rocket Bunny Is Taking Your Questions


@SuzyWallace  Some say he has the ability to spontaneously levitate... All we know is, he's called Larry Chen

4 weeks ago on Sea To Snow. A Roofless Adventure