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This approach seems eminently more constructive and positive than some other Colts blogs I've read.  I love that Kyle seems to actually make an effort to examine the ticket issue level-headedly and with an eye towards resolution rather than controversy.  It may not breed the same sort of rabid response that an all out assault on the fans does, but ultimately I have a lot of respect for a guy who would rather weigh an issue rationally than take the most extreme stance possible in an effort to drum up interest.

2 years, 5 months ago on Winning Over a City and Growing a Fanbase, Part I | May


I completely agree.  I don't understand the outrage on some other Colts *cough* blogs about the relatively small drop in season ticket renewals this season.  I get that it is the 1st of June and there isn't much to write about, but for God's sake, give it a rest.  Given the self-professed "3 year rebuild" the Colts have just started, how can anyone possibly be surprised by a dip in ticket sales?  Especially given the inevitable drop in scalper renewals, it would be truly remarkable for there not to be a drop of some kind.  Until there's a blackout (which is highly unlikely) this doesn't even seem news worthy.

2 years, 5 months ago on Thoughts About Season Tickets | May


I get the "rooting for laundry” thing (which is really more accurately stated as "rooting for arbitrary geographical boundaries"), and it most definitely has its roots deep in the human experience, but I for one am both a huge Colts fan (and will of course root for them to win against any team, Denver included) and a huge Peyton Manning fan.  How can we separate ourselves from the human aspect of sports?  Does the person inside the jersey really mean less than the jersey itself?  Would automatons with Colts jerseys draped over them still engender loyalty in us as fans?  I see nothing wrong with continuing to follow and root for a guy you have invested a lot of time and energy getting to know over the years (at least as a football player, I can't speak to the character of the man).  I'll be rooting for Jeff Saturday in Green Bay, and Dallas Clark in Tampa Bay, even Joseph Addai has a soft spot in my heart (even though I may have raged at my television every time he lost 3 yards doing his patented back field scissor kick instead of running through the gap).  America's Game is must see TV every season because it gives the human side of the story, same thing with Hard Knocks, it's not just jerseys and helmets, it's people.


Rooting passionately and irrationally for your team is most definitely an essential element of sports fandom, but at least for me it is not the essential element.  The person inside the jersey is still a major part of why I choose to invest myself and read blogs like this one months before the season even starts.  It’s easy to become wrapped up in wins and losses, especially when our team has succeeded so spectacularly the last decade and a half, but ultimately it’s the human stories that make the wins mean something.  Basking in the reflected glory of a home team’s win is nice, no doubt, but caring about the players and wanting to see them succeed on a personal, human level, is far more rewarding in my estimation.

2 years, 5 months ago on He's Just Gone | June