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The Pac-12 is actually taking a unique approach to its network and will create six different channels.


It is 7 channels, 6 regionals and 1 national, which is really genius.  Outside of the viewing area you have to ways to get fees.  National network is more likely to get picked up outside of the main Pac-12 viewing area.  Regionals can be packaged as part of a more expensive sports tiers for diehards (more money).  


What is impressive and why the Pac-12 was able to line up so many cable providers early (TWC, Cox, Comcast) is that Tier 1 & 2 games will be shown on the network (football and basketball).  Scott was able to get the big deals from Fox and ESPN without giving up all the premium content. Then there is the digital network (Pac-12 TV Everywhere).  

2 years, 10 months ago on Pac-12 Releases Trailer For New Networks; Could The SEC Follow Suit In Lay-Out?


Why have the semifinals tied to the bowls?  Lots of great teams would be on the outside of the 4 team playoff.  Let the Bowls be the exhibitions that they are.  Rose Bowl gets the Pac 12 Champ and Big 10 Champ unless those teams are in the playoff.  If the champ is in the 4 team playoff, Rose Bowl gets to select another team. If there is a qualified Pac 12 or Big 10 team, likely the Rose Bowl would select them.  Last year it would have been Oregon or Stanford (depending how you do the 4 teams in) against WI. 


Year before that two Pac 10 teams in the playoff (Oregon and Stanford).  Rose Bowl would have WI against another team left out of the top 4.  The actual Rose Bowl that year was TCU vs. WI anyway.  Ratings would still be good.  Americans love high quality football. The Orange Bowl may want to reexamine its relationship with the Big East.  Big 12 and SEC would make even more money this way.  Money from the playoff, from the Champ Bowl and whatever other top bowl they would get into.

2 years, 10 months ago on What The SEC Needs As Playoff Talks Commence


"Now, there's a statement that not only support's the Big12's position on expansion but also on it's position for the football final four being the top four teams in the country, not conditional upon being a conference champion. Imaging having an 8-5 conference champion playing while the conference runner-up sits home or plays in the Band-aid Bowl (or what ever corporate sponsor get's their name on it next year)."


Not like there aren't other conference champs available.  Can make it conditional as well, conference champs need to be rated in the top 6 otherwise those slots go to the highest ranked teams who weren't conference champs.

2 years, 10 months ago on ISU A.D. Pollard Quells Expansion Talk In The Big 12... For Now


Top 3 conference champs with the stipulation they are ranked in the top 6 (figure out a poll system a la what you proposed) and the top rated non-conference champ.  If only 2 conference champs qualify, then one of the conference champ slots is replaced by next highest rated non-conference champ.  Only one conference champ qualifies, then 3 slots for the three highest rated non-conference champs and if no conference champ qualifies then all the slots are "wild-cards".  The bowls get the remaining teams to choose from.  

2 years, 10 months ago on College Athletics Waiting For The Shot Heard 'Round The World


How much of the Texas market will Texas A&M bring?  It competes with Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, and maybe TCU.  I assume only Texas beats A&M in terms of being able to deliver a Texas audience but the others are still serious competition, especially being in the same conference as Texas.  Baylor, SMU, Houston, and the rest probably are bit players.  Nationally, I have met far more Longhorn and Sooner fans than Aggies.  Does A&M have a big following outside of Texas?  Probably a big reason why CBS doesn't want to pay more.  They aren't getting more out  of a expanded SEC.  ESPN does get more inventory and keeps NBC Sports from getting a foothold.  9 SEC games is the way to go.  Give fans great games, play a hard schedule.  If you want to be the best, play the best.  If the SEC is the best conference, play more SEC opponents.  Stop worrying about how many road games every other year.  If you can't win on the road, you don't deserve to be a champion.  

2 years, 10 months ago on SEC Meetings Headlines - 5/31/12