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what happened to the volvo "strip club" wagon??

2 years, 2 months ago on Poll: The Cars Of January


i agree with the fact that US spec sucks but unfortunately there are emission laws as well as safety regulations and while those little fixes are true, the gtr also needed strengthening because the roof would crumple in if you rolled it and a completely new exhaust to meet "smog" laws ... still no excuse for the exorbitant price or the beaurocratic bull**** though 


Also ... i just don't get why the car couldn't be donated to nissan or holywood for that matter ... it's stupid ass politicians that focus on small bullshit because some person in their town (who probably worked hard to earn it) drove around with a loud exhaust and they decided that was "evil" ... it's in the same category as exhaust noise regulations (which we have here in NY) ... excuse me now, i need to go cry in the corner for the loss of this incredible specimen of art and engineering

2 years, 10 months ago on The Skyline’s Crushed, Pizza Boy