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DON'T GIVE UP, THAT'S WHAT THEY WANT.  We need to pull together as AMERICAN PEOPLE and forget the party system that is dividing us intentionally.  The main problem we have today is we have lost our "voice" in the federal government, because of 2 main events.  #1) In 1917, they passed the Trading with the Enemy Act, and declared all citizens enemies of the state- had to do with the Federal Reserve Act, as the bankers were foreign agents (but they never told the people).  Also, the 2001 Patriot Act re-declared the citizens as "enemy combatants".  So, the laws they are passing are to keep us as "criminals" and "captured" people.  They "sell us" on the stock market through bonds, etc.

We need to end this Act.  And if they don't, then we need to remove them (recall them) from office.


#2)  It is obvious that the people in DC are NOT our "representatives" anymore, as the Federal Government has been taken over by the banksters.  The Congress is not in control- the banksters are.  All laws are written for them.  The "attorneys" are NOT lawyers anymore, they are "debt collectors" working for the BAR (British Accredited Registry) a Private union- controlled by the Crown - the Rothschild Empire in London.

Foreign agents. And who is in Congress?- Attorneys! And now we have a President who is an attorney.

Look up the definition in the dictionary. To attorn means- Feudal Law - to turn or transfer homage and service to another as lord. b) Modern Law- To agree to become tenant to another as owner or landlord. Attorney - A "legal" Agent.  What they determine as "legal" is not always lawful.  Our law has been turned into their own interpretation based on their agenda under color of law, not true law.  To take over America.  The King of England and the banksters never wanted us to be free. They always wanted "subjects" which are slaves - a piece of us.   They are back!  


So, what can we do about it?  Based on the fact that this was perpetrated decades ago through fraud, deception, coersion, deceit, force, RICO, etc.,  We must declare this crime.

1)  We must declare our status as the true Sovereigns of this nation, as WE are in charge, and demand that all foreign agents in the government resign.  Anyone with a dual citizenship (allegience to another) in another country should NOT be allowed to hold office. (This is what Jefferson and the original 13th Amendment were about).  Their allegience is to another power, and not the people. We must hold them accountable by demanding they make a sworn written statement to protect the peoples rights or step down.  In 1871, they created a corporation called The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  (REGISTERED IN DELAWARE as a corporation. They have their own constitution for DC.  There is one for profit and one not for profit.   The Original Constitution is OUR trust agreement with them.  They OWE us!

2) We need to modernize the government system and create a website where every person can register their vote for ALL legislation that they may want to pass.  States too!  We are in the computer age and this can be done very simply.  If the majority of the people don't want it- it doesn't pass.  NO bills get passed until the people get to read them first.  No more lobbying manipulation.   No more politicians getting kickbacks to pass laws that favor certain groups or companies.  No more having to wait 2-4 years to "vote" in another crook to "hope" they make changes.

3) Reinstate the National Treasury Bank- at zero interest cost to print our money backed by the oil, gold, etc. resources of the country.   Everyone in the country would have access to funds- everyone only pays 3% simple interest to borrow.  - eliminates the compound interest and credit score scam.    This money would be used to pay government costs, after we reduce the size and eliminate all the alphabet agencies that are in violation of the constitution and therefore reduce the cost of government.

4) Bring the power back to the states.  All funding will be paid by State Banks - Example North Dakota.

If a 12 year old (Victoria Grant) can figure out what the problem is with the government (she's from Canada, - our sister country -same system) and solutions, why can't the jokers in DC do it?

See youtube video -

Because they are not working for the people- they have sold us out and we need to remove them from power and stand up like our forefathers did and charge them for treason if they do not want to change, as they are destroying our country.




2 years, 9 months ago on Why I Have (Largely) Given Up on the Federal Government