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I would be able to take it better like we have been doing in the past, but this season hurts, because I really think we were on the verge of something last season. We shot ourselves in the foot, just because of egos. I respect McKenzie, but I think he got in way over his head to start. Should of been doing a gradual reduction of players, but he choose to make drastic moves, which disrupted the locker room. I have no respect for Tommy Boy Mark Davis. His butt hurt ego made him fire Hue, who had this team on the right path. He was changing the culture, and we needed leadership like him. Together, they did a disservice to all Raider fans. That is not how you run a business. Not on emotion. And because of the blunders of two men, and their egos, we all have to suffer. The is pathetic, and I'm at a loss of words at how we're playing right now. Always be a ride or die Raider fan, but this crap pisses me off, and it's embarrassing.

2 years, 4 months ago on A great disturbance in the force


Should of never fired Hue. The momentum he brought for the two seasons he was here is completely gone. This is gonna be a long, and sad season.


The franchise was heading in the right direction with him as the OC, then later as the HC. You had to be stupid to not see that. All the they had to do is look across the bay and see the difference a HC makes. So coming in with agenda just because of your ego should not affect the positives of the organization. With Mark Davis and McKenzies ego, it may end of working out later on down the line, but us Raider fans really do not want to go down the road of irrelevance once again because someone body thinks they know what they're doing. Even tho we were 8-8 for the last few seasons, it felt like we were relevant once again, and heading in the right direction. McFadden healthy last season would of resulted to a playoff berth. This team played hard for Hue, and you saw that all last season. Just couldn't overcome a injury to Campbell and McFadden. So if this thing gets really bad, the front office has a lot of explaining to do.

2 years, 7 months ago on Raiders drop to 0-2 after losing 35-13 to Dolphins | August


 @MySmile Couldn't agree with you more.  Sounds like me!

2 years, 10 months ago on "Do You Believe in Jesus?" And other anecdotes from the life of a non-Christian