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I think it doesn't matter whether Spurs face Grizzlies or Mavs in the first round, I see the Spurs winning in at least 5, if playing great maybe even a sweep.

I know having home court advantage doesn't mean much to the guys, even heard Pop said before that you have to win on the road if you want to win the title. and I feel confident they can after having a great road record this season.

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while mentioning about postseason, you have to add that Dirk just experienced not even being in playoffs last season. Tony and Manu have yet to experience that and hopefully they NEVER will

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I have to agree with Stephen Anderson on pretty much what he said regarding about facing the Thunder. as he pointed out, 3 of the 4 meetings I couldn't really say that they had much quality due to injuries/resting players and with that final meeting a few nights ago being meant for a SCHEDULED LOSS for the Spurs. playoffs are a different atmosphere than in the regular season, and Thunder just might end up facing Clippers in the 2nd round which should be interesting. even more so, it's possible that shall Clippers keep on rolling the remaining of their schedule, they could actually switch spots between 2nd and 3rd seeds with Thunder.

just saying that because shall Spurs reach to western conference finals, it's possible they might avoid the Thunder.

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some of the times, it only seems he says certain stuff (which irritates me) about the Spurs just to not to jinx them.

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the only team I'm fearing at this point would only be the Thunder.

I understand that Rockets would probably be another team to worry only because Spurs have yet to beat them in the regular season (likewise with Thunder).

I'm not worried about who the Spurs face in the 1st round.

for the Suns, between the players on the team, most don't have any playoff experience (exceptions would be Dragic, Bledsoe, and if he comes back to himself fully Frye). besides nobody expected them to make a surprising run so I just don't see them surprising anymore with them trying to make playoff noise.

and here I go ranting about this, I'm seeing the Mavs as a ZERO threat, yes even though they beat the Thunder twice within the past couple of weeks. I look at them and see their 8-game homestand that currently on and they just went 3-3 with two more games they have left to finish the homestand. and yes as one of the games as mentioned was vs the Thunder, they had to use OT to beat in that game. sure it's a quality win for them BUT how about the other games in the homestand. the first one was against the Celtics and they could've lost that one as Celtics were in that game but Mavs won by FIVE. then before overtime with OKC, they had two other OT games which they both LOST to, against the Nets and T-WOLVES. and then just last night, it made me more comfortable to say they are not a threat after losing to the Clippers. so going back to the final two games they have on the homestand, they have Kings and Warriors. I'm betting when they finish those two games, the homestand record will 4-4, with me guessing they'll lose another home game when they face the Warriors. but we'll see where they stand at when Spurs face them for the 4th and final time this season.

Grizzlies, yyyeah they may look scary now that they have Gasol and Randolph back, along with Conley improving some, and their addition of Mike Miller. but the one thing why I just can't see them having to make noise is because of having to do this with a NEW coach. I honestly would've feared them a little more had they still had Hollins as the head coach.

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