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What does your data support when comparing turnover margins to team rankings or w/l records prior to the contest.  For example, could you adequately compute that if a ranked team played an unranked team or in terms of "favored" team and unranked or non favored team won the turnover battle, did this have a positive effect for the underdog?

When a team like LSU plays a Wofford type you would expect they probably will cause more turnovers against them than if they played a Mississippi State.  But could an over matched MSU use turnover advantage as a direct correlation between obtaining a win when not favored?


2 years, 5 months ago on Nothing Matters More Than Turnovers In The SEC


Yes, VA Tech has to be #1 on the Get List for any future SEC Expansion.  And its only a matter of time.  But I doubt the move by the B10 to secure Maryland and Rutgers will cause anyone in the SEC office to want to pull that trigger just yet.


As for #16, I totally disagree with FSU for consideration.  Expansion is about money and that money is derived from exposure on television providers.  VaTech would bring viewers from all of Virginia and portions of WV and the DC market.  If not them, UVA.  For #16 the SEC will try to get someone from NC to complete the footprint.  I suspect NCST as NC and Duke are joined at the hip but the Tarheels would be a major coup.


The 4 team divisional alignment would look this way:

West                  Central            East                 South

Texas AM          Auburn            VaTech             Georgia

LSU                   Alabama         Tennessee      Florida

Missouri           Arkansas        Vandy                Kentucky

Ole Miss          Miss ST           NCST               South Carolina


That would retain the balance of power between the divisions, allow for maintaining existing rivalies and set up an all important natural playoff model by allowing each divisional winner to play in a semi final game leading up to the SEC Championship game.  Petition the NCAA to allow for a 14th game.  It would win approval to maintain the integrity of the current BCS bowl format, eliminate any one conference from overburdening the selection process, be decided upon the field of play, become a boom for television viewership, and again, make tons and tons of money.


You could exchange NCST for Kentucky and I don't think anyone would care.  This format would also work well for any other sport on the conference level.  Each team plays its division 3 teams, selects one permanent cross divisional opponent (3) and plays round robin with the remaining 9 opponents.  The league could fore go playing H/H series and instead afford each 4 year athlete the opportunity to play each conference member atleast one time during their career (football).  It would also answer a Steve Spurrier objection that a team could go years without playing other top heavy programs.  Teams could meet every 4th year for a second time to increase frequency of play outside of traditionally secured permanent opponents.

2 years, 5 months ago on Virginia Tech AD Weaver Talks SEC; Twitter Melts


 @USCTraveler With all due respect, I can't continue to sit idly by and allow this suggestion that it would be acceptable to the B10/P12 to allow its Rose Bowl champion to potentially meet a B12/SEC for the NCG.  How self serving can you be?  I suppose if I were from either league I would try to reserve my seat at the table in this manner too.  This goes beyond merely suggesting that champions be considered but suggest that the Rose Bowl champion representing these two conferences should be assured the right to play for the national championship every year.  That's not only loony but smacks of elitism. 


How about this for size; The SEC will play the ACC champion in a Rose Bowl type game and the B10/P12/B12 plus any challenges from ND or Boise State can fight amongst yourselves for the right to play this winner in the National Championship Game.  Its coming off as quite arrogant to suggest that the road to the NC crown should naturally go through the Rose Bowl.

2 years, 10 months ago on Push Begins For Regular-Season Big 12-SEC Games, But SEC-ACC Games May Make More Sense