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I don't get why people think Missouri doesn't have a good talent pool.  They've not gotten the best in state players in a long time and they finally are starting to which is a key reason this recruiting class is doing so well, and so early in the process.  


In the draft 2 years ago it was Gabbert and Smith, both from Missouri going in the top 10.  I know that doesn't prove much. Monte Ball is a MO kid.  The number one H.S player in the country last year was from MO.  If Missouri consistently got its top 10-15 players every year, they would be a top 15 program.  They haven't, they finally are starting to. The only big guy they lost this year was Ezekial Elliot, they've gotten just about everyone else.  


2 big cities, plus a mid sized Springfield, and good rural teams.  It doesn't get the credit it deserves bc the best players have been dispersing to so many different schools, no program had a lot of MO kids so no one really thinks of MO has a solid talent pool.  And of course a popular thought around here is by rivals standards a 3 star in MO would often be 4 star in TX. 


Another huge thing is you're finally getting the generation of kids that were little and grew up with Mizzou being good.  And have grown up getting to know Pinkel from watching them for years.  For a long time talented H.S players in MO had no allegiance or love for Mizzou, this has changed. 


TJ Moe said one time he wasn't a Mizzou fan at all growing up, they weren't on tv much, they weren't winning.  Larry Smith, a crusty old man was coaching.  It wasn't like growing up watching Brad Smith and Pinkel, or Chase Daniel and Maclin. 


2 years, 11 months ago on SEC Commitment Comparator - 5/29/12