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@mattuzzi @JThelen Yep, and for healers it was even worse, since we had to make sure we had enough gold to swap between the farming spec and the raiding spec each week.

1 year, 10 months ago on The 300 Stat Food Question


For a progression guild, some of those are reasonable to expect, some less so. I'd say that 300 stat food is a reasonable expectation, as is having tokens and portions/flasks. Valor cap each week is a bit much unless your working on the second set of Wrathion quests, in which case there's no excuse not to be capping each week. For reputations, revered is more than enough to get full access to raid boosters.

As for getting that done, most of it will happen concurrently. Valor goes with tokens and rep, and in my experience one you have 90 lesser charms there's not much left to do for valor cap that a few dungeons or scenarios won't handle. Bonus points for running them with guildies to fill up the good back coffers.

All that said I'm rather old school in these expectations. I grew up raising in vanilla when you had to farm far more than we do now, so all of that is far less odious to me than it may be to others.

1 year, 11 months ago on The 300 Stat Food Question


Scholo's a fun challenge mode. The group I run them with isn't likely to pull gold on anything, but the two big spots to look for in there are Gandling(rise is a pain in the ass) and Jandice. Knowing how to find the right illusion quickly is key.

1 year, 11 months ago on Challenge Mode: Part 2 – Scholomance


 @studuncan  @BuckarooClub  @cachildress1  @eggs Tell that to some young army guy who made his own choice and gets paid less than either of them.

2 years ago on The Reality Of The Average NHL Salary