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The iOS platform is not going to suffer as a result of this one bit.  Apple is clearly committed to their decision.  Google had a head start years ago, but its Apple's platform and they can do what they want with it.


Personally, I think the Apple maps while not as accurate as googmaps are passable in the way that many maps out there are.  I have been lost by TomTom, Garmin, Google, Mapquest, and Yahoo maps.


And when I say lost, I mean dead end in the middle of nowhere lost with no way to find my way home.


People have died using dedicated GPS devices in the desert. A woman died following googmaps walking directions across a highway.  None of this stuff is perfect.  


I think people have common sense enough to 1) be amazed we have the selectivity we have in choosing what solution we prefer, and 2) realizing that it is not perfect and not to rely on it to a point of fault.


Apple chose to apologize but it really didnt have to.  They could have done better, and the mere act of offering a mapping product implies LONG term commitment.  Its that simple.

2 years, 6 months ago on Mapgate Is Over. Apple Won. Customers Won. Google, Not So Much.


The USPTO freely admits that it is not guaranteeing innovation and that the courts will decide.  I firmly believe that this is a reasonable proposition given that the courts almost NEVER decide patent infringement because of out of court settlements.


I think the Apple/Samsung decision was bascially sound, sane and thoughtful, based on what is patentable.


I think people would be much less suspicious of patent law if every case went to a jury and the law was open to the light of day.


I dont hear too many people complaining about the shakedown that MS did on every android phone maker exacting an out of court tax from 5-15 dollars per unit (as in phone) on android handeset makers, and yet noone knows the content or reasoning for that settlement.


I would like to know exactly what MS claims on android phones besides being a huge bully in the market to scare handset makers into settling.  Especially since MS has zero mobile market share.


Its important to remember that most patents that get to court are very old patents.  Apple patented the crap out of the iPhone, these are fairly recent patents, and the only reason I believe that the industry or at the very least samnsung didnt settle is that they thought if they copied quick enough that prior art would be moot.




As pathetic as the patent office is these days, the more of these disputes go to court ,the more we will be able to judge them on their merits, rather than watching backroom shakedowns go down and not knowing why.





2 years, 7 months ago on Copying Works: How Samsung’s Decision to Mimic Apple Paid Off in Spades


Data centers create zero jobs.  Good job Reno. see NC.

2 years, 9 months ago on Reno Grants Apple $89M Tax Break For Area Data Centers


Of course they wanted to IPO early.  What if, they knew that Groupon would eventually be exposed as a loan sharking operation with no discernable bottom to the negative outcomes for small businesses that use it?


Groupon should have sold to Google for sure, but that was an investor decision not groupon's to make.  As far as the stock price it hardly matters.  


The market will price these things for what they are worth eventually, it scarcely matters to you and me. (or at least I hope it doesnt matter to you)

2 years, 10 months ago on Source: Lefkofsky and Samwer Were the Ones Banging the Table Insisting Groupon IPO Immediately


Silicon Valley is destroying the world.  By creating contexts of communication that have no reason to exist for the purpose of collecting data.


Engagement should be about actual value to the user, not bombardment of useless, trivia to keep the person constantly checking their phone, email, and app notifications.


Its quite disgusting how spam has evolved from viagra emails to app notifications and in prompts to record your location and in app purchases.


Can you imagine playing the DOS version of Wolfenstein and being prompted for an in app purchase?  Disgusting, pathetic, social patheticworking.



2 years, 10 months ago on Matt Mullenweg: I’m Worried That Silicon Valley Might Be Destroying the World