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Why shouldn't we be able to? And who's really going to stop us. If someone doesn't think a Christian shouldn't write/read fantasy, then they won't buy our books. But yet they still sell. I consider myself very solid in my belief in God. I've loved C.S. Lewis since I was a kid and have torn through so many fantasy (and sci-fi books, the social engineering and indoctrination in some of those could almost be viewed as more threatening than magic and dragons) books since then I stopped buying hard copies cause I'd need a room just for a library. No kidding. we're talking walls of books here. 

My pastor asked me once when I was a teenage why I read what I did (I think I was in a Harry Potter phase at the time and the whole church had it out for me). I told him it wasn't real and as long as I remembered that, I was good. He didn't know what to make of that...

Anyways, God gave us imaginations and individual gifts. If that means I want to turn the dream of an elephant that fell a apart like a sponge into a story, so be it. If I want to work a Christian message in there and Christians want to ban it, it's their loss. I'm more interested in reaching out to the unsaved anyways.

2 years, 7 months ago on Should Christians Write Fantasy?