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@totaltennisfan You look at everything from the lens of Fed's records. Here are on Rafa's side of ledger that Federer doesn't have:

- the highest winning % of all time (this is the BIG ONE that not many people talk about)

- Olympic gold in single (this offsets the YEC titles IMO)

- the only player to win at least 1 GS in 9 straight years (this offsets the world #1 number IMO)

- 4 Davis Cups (These are team wins but Rafa's commitment to David Cup did take him away from practice time and perhaps contributed to his injuries. Fed decided to devote his time to personal achievements instead. This sheds the difference in GS total in a different light.)

- most Master 1000 titles (26)

- head to head (21-10)

Not too shabby huh?

If Rafa wins one more AO, he'll be the ONLY man who ever wins double career grand slams on 3 different surfaces in history. Laver won it on 2 surfaces.

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@SERENAWILLIAMStheGREAT @teddyw406 If Federer couldn't dislodge Rafa from his head at his prime, how could he do it today?

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Let's see: When Lin played over 20 minutes a game, the Knicks' record was 16-10 (incl. 6-game losing streak where Melo admitted that he didn't play with "energy"). When Melo played major minutes, the Knicks' record was 29-33 (incl. playoffs). The goal is winning the game, not which player gets the ball or the best statline. There is a reason why Melo has the worst playoff records of any player who has played over 50 games. Chew on that before writing that Lin should adapt to the Meloball.    

2 years, 10 months ago on Who needs to adapt: Carmelo Anthony or Jeremy Lin?


I signed on just to tell you I agree with you completely. Woodson's limitation as a tactician concerns me greatly. I also think people gave him too much credit for those winnings during the regular season. It's clear to me from reading all the post-grame, Jeremy Lin was running D'Antoni's offensive system and got the 6-1 run before he was sidelined by injuries. Woodson went to iso-heavy offense since Lin went out. Woodson even said it himself after some games that the offense was stagnate and there's no ball movement. He sounded like that's the players' fault. Isn't it the coach's job to design plays so the offense wasn't stagnate? So he doesn't hold himself accountable for stagnate offense?


As a Jeremy Lin fan, I'm especially concerned with his seeming distrust of Lin. He has endless faith in JR even when JR shot 3-15. His public comments regarding Lin was either unsupportive ("Rookies should sit and learn") to uncommittal (regarding whether Lin would start) to veiled criticism ("I know players who played with meniscus tears."). He reduced Lin's minutes and seemingly curtailed Lin's shooting. Lin made exactly 10 attempts in several games before he went down with the injury. It's almost like he got a 10-shot quota. Lin made most of those shots (he got 18-19 points out of those shots). But contrary to Woodson's explicit support for JR despite JR's chucking 15-20 shots per game, it's hard not to notice the different treatments.


I also don't know Woodson's track record in developing young talents. Did he develop anyone in Atlanta? Everything I heard about Woodson is his loooooove for stars (Johnson and Anthony). Meloball isn't going anywhere against a strong defensive team. And unfortunately, Woodson is all Melo.

2 years, 10 months ago on Mike Woodson: Company Man