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Amen and amen. Although the evidence is clear and your analysis correct that more change can be accomplished at the state level I fear that such action is just a larger twig, a branch perhaps, but not enough to create a dam. If I may carry the metaphor a bit further, the District of Criminals gets their power from the money they steal from us through the myriad taxes they have established, made "legal" by the 16th Amendment. We need to cut off that source of power and to do so cannot be done at the state level, but the beast must be dealt with directly.


We need to get to the root of the problem and stop wasting time trying to deal with the fruits of the problem. Washington DC drinks from the river of revenue produced by taxes which is the collateral they use to borrow even more money from the Federal Reserve to pay for their programs of progressive enslavement. If the river dried up, they wouldn't have the collateral and they couldn't borrow against the future for the power they wield today. 


We are not in a position to nullify the 16th amendment by exercising 10th amendment rights. But it does not take a law to dry up the river. All we need to do is to stop spending money. 


I know, it isn't that simple, nor can we do it for any great length of time. But We the People could agree to go on an economic fast just to show the crooks and ourselves that we can do it. We don't need to do it for long, just long enough for us to cause a ripple in the flow of money, enough to prove to ourselves that we can do this, enough to let them see we don't need a law to peacefully protest and provoke a response. 


What might they do? Can they force us to buy goods? Not for a short time they can't, and I believe that is all it takes. We should all fast this July 4th holiday weekend 'cuz we sure don't have much freedom or liberty left to celebrate. We can all agree to not spend a dime for 3 days. Buy your food in advance, travel to wherever you plan to relax in advance, but don't spend a dime for 3 days. If we ALL did they, they would notice. It would be a peaceful provocation and I can guarantee they will react in a tyrannical way. I don't know how exactly, but it doesn't matter. They will reveal how twisted and evil they are and then even the sheeple will see that they are not to be trusted. 


If we can do it for 3 days, then next time we can do it for a week. If we can do it for a week, the next tim we can do it for two weeks. I'll bet if we could do it for 3 weeks we could bring them to their knees. 

2 years, 11 months ago on Why I Have (Largely) Given Up on the Federal Government