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Definitely the same incident as when her car was towed in Arlington.  If you follow the link in the story...

We do know that McHenry had her car towed after dinner in Arlington, Virginia

and then scroll down to the comments in that story..someone sent the Arlington Now publication a transcript of McHenry's rant 9 DAYS AGO.  Must have taken the tow truck company a few days to figure out she was a "celebrity" and decide who to leak the actual video to.

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Actually - the guy on the right seems to have already known about the station shutting down -- and hadn't bothered to tell the guy on the left. 

They didn't exactly get "fired" - the station is closing down.  A bit of a difference.

As for pouring gasoline around -- hope your bosses take note of that mature response.

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"...the most talked about sports book of the year"?  Where did you get that?  Must have been from the press release from the publisher.  Either that or it is a lousy year for sports books.

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