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Even the rivers and seas have the power to clean itself but not at the rate we pollute it. Now imagine the ammount of plastics we use and how many funghi will be needed to digest it! There´s a balance that should be respected.

2 years, 11 months ago on Plastic-Eating Fungi: Environmental Salvation or Distraction?


I´m from Sao Paulo, Brasil, and this year (just this year!!) a battle between prefecture and consumer protection agency started because of the plastic bags ban. 

The battle is: consumer protection says the markets have the obligation in providing a way to accomodate the purchase so the customer can go home...and prefecture banned due to environmental issues or any other reason that´s not out in the open.

The thing is prefecture hasn´t given society a chance to figure out a way of replacing the plastic bags in our daily educational program, no anything. 

What I think is: if you want to ban it, do it properly by educating people. Both protecion agency and prefecture.

Anyhow, the battle isn´t over...and apparently, with this news in Oregon, more serious issues will come along than consumer rights or political interests...and I´m turning on my washing machine to clean my reusable bags!!!




2 years, 11 months ago on Don't Be Fooled by Reusable Bag Norovirus Scare


Hi. Great ideas!!! on the other hand, perhaps it´s wise to buy consciously what´s needed for the week or day (whenever it´s possible) so we won´t waste energy with storage (fridges, water, containers etc...) and whatever we buy won´t go´s something I´ve been thinking on doing. @Decio Alexandre

2 years, 11 months ago on How To Store Produce Without Plastic