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When we first made the Playoffs - I said who cares, we will be blown out by Lakers; Got to see Gasol over Ibaka at .6, Game 6, beat us at home (I was WRONG) Ibaka, KD, & Russ got valuable Playoff experience.

Yes, we look horrible - But I want our 20 YO's to fight and learn to make the Playoffs & get Playoff experience !

They have not been through this before and are just experiencing it now!

If not, I will be there Monday & give them a STANDING OVATION, for the fight they HAVE shown this year. I have Never seen a season like this (& once again, I have seen Wilt, Larry Bird, etc. personally - Yes I am THAT OLD !!! ( NOT LOL) 

6 days, 14 hours ago on Thunder handle the Kings, 116-103


Whether it be the last regular season home game or the end of any Playoff run - My wife and I will be there to give our team a standing ovation; I have NEVER seen a team go through these many injuries; Even if the team is "mediocre" they have never given up or sold out (unlike Harden)

1 week, 4 days ago on Monday Bolts – 4.6.15


Royce, now that ur an ESPN-er, I suppose you get fined if you speak ill of the refs? WHAT was the foul differential? WHAT was the free throw differential? The NBA refs SUCK ! (98% say worse NBA refs in history - Wikipedia !) Worst NBA ref - per Google = Joey Crawford; Unanimous decision !!!

1 week, 4 days ago on Little things cost the Thunder against the Rockets, 115-112


WHERE is that NBA Ref Report ???????????????

3 weeks, 6 days ago on Thunder pick up an ‘emotional’ win over the Hawks, 123-115


4 FLOPS just last night; Watch the game; The refs but it every time !

Why play Ish and NOT Jeremy Lamb, well, if we are going to make a trade, . . .

3 months, 3 weeks ago on Wednesday Bolts – 12.24.14


How many times/years do I have to watch our team/Russell/KD get mugged - No Foul Called & yet Flops called as fouls against us ????????

3 months, 3 weeks ago on Wednesday Bolts – 12.24.14


How much do the D-League game tickets cost?

Do they have a website I can go t?

7 months, 1 week ago on Saturday Morning Cartoons: ‘Don’t get caught’


Just returned from Atlantic, Iowa; Gave away 2 of my 3 OKC Thunder @okcthunder T-Shirts; Thunder Fans ARE everywhere !

8 months, 3 weeks ago on Friday Bolts – 7.25.14


@CompressionWave  How much do 66er Tickets go for ?

9 months ago on The Tulsa 66ers are relocating to Oklahoma City


Westbrook goes crazy last Christmas Day; Has knee surgery

Perry goes for 20 in last Summer League game; Has knee surgery


9 months, 1 week ago on Perry Jones undergoes an arthroscopic knee procedure


@babble @OKVB  Like I said, I'm from Philly - VERY culturally diverse!

Go vote 4 Fallin and root for OU Football 

9 months, 1 week ago on What the Thunder are adding in Anthony Morrow


@babble @OKVB  how many arrests? He & Adams, on the Court, are great! Love them !!

9 months, 1 week ago on What the Thunder are adding in Anthony Morrow


OMG - Locals, Shut Up & READ Royce's article;

I am 59 (This is my third generation of BB Players watched)

From Philly (You think you've watched sucking a lot?)

This team is GREAT ! (PLEASE appreciate we get to see at least 3 of the BEST players in the WORLD, every game! and no thugs) 

9 months, 1 week ago on What the Thunder are adding in Anthony Morrow


Say What???

He doesn't like RED; Believes in Education for Children; Evolution; Does NOT think/do what The Oklahoman tells him to do; Likes Obama, just not Black People? 

9 months, 1 week ago on Pau Gasol concerned about OKC’s cultural diversity?


Darnell, God I hope so; Two days ago, in the "Attorney's Lounge", an attorney who said he knew Clay and upper management (Yeah, I know, I don't believe most things I hear, especially from attorneys), said they are still draining fluid off Russ's knee, but keeping it quiet.

Also, the way he's playing would seem to indicate otherwise, then again, he had that great Christmas day game, followed by surgery.

Hopefully, you are not just repeating the Thunder line and know for a fact, nothing is still wrong with his knee.

Just saying

1 year ago on Thursday Bolts – 3.20.14


Hey Royce -

I tried !!!!!

At the end of the third period, when KD made 1 of 4 Free Throws, 10 people yelled "MVP", not many joined in.

At 1:07 remaining in the 3rd; Nick Collison went to the line; I chanted "MVP"; No one joined in, but two fans across the aisle got a chuckle out of it; I told them I did it for YOU !!!

1 year, 1 month ago on Hasheem Thabeet and the Thunder truck the 76ers, 125-92


Whatz the latest on Westbrook?

1 year, 8 months ago on 2013-14 schedule to be released Tuesday on NBA TV


From a Displaced Philly Boy; Arrived OKC: 1976; I agree with your article and John 64's thought: OU Football Fan Mentality !!!!

OU lose game; They get drunk; mad

Lose two, Fire the Coach

It's disgusting; It's why I've been saying, since 1976, OKC & State of Oklahoma NEEDED Thunder!

I love the Thunder; I'm an original Thunder Season Ticket Holder ; We have two of the BEST Players in the WORLD!

(I Love Serge, Thabo, Hell, the entire current team!!) Like Jenni said today, Enjoy and for some - Shut Up!

2 years ago on Why So Anxious?


NBA Finals Game 2 (2012) at the Buzzer, refs refuse to call obvious foul by Lebron, on Durant; game does NOT go to OT

Christmas Day, refs SUCK all game long; Thunder pushed aroung, No fouls called

Recent Denver & Memphis Games - refs suck and let us get pushed/fouled around

Say what you will, but these refs are horrrrrrible !!!!!

RIP, Earl Strom (the last grat NBA ref - Sorry, Javie !


We will never win NBA title while league continues to allow Thug/Bully/Whining teams dictate !!!

2 years ago on Why aren’t the Thunder beating the league’s elite teams?


I am so sick and tired of everyone in the media, NOT BLAMEING THE REFS ! THEY SUCK !!


I go back to pre-Dr J days, in Philly.


Just like last year's finals, NO calls, NOT calling Miamia's FLOPS and allowing their WHINES TO WORK ! Then being told "well, they may have apoint on a few calls" B.S.


Right now, I have NO intention on renewing my season tickets !!!




2 years, 3 months ago on Thunder come up short again in Miami, 103-97


Just "unfollowed" the Bearded one from my Twitter account !

2 years, 5 months ago on Kendrick Perkins (ankle) expected to play Sunday


This is how terrorism succeeds; One 19 YO, with a gun can stop 10,000 people from enjoying thenmselves; This incident had NOTHING to do with the Thunder; It was the OKC Public School system graduation ceremonies at the Cox Center; Now, the Mayor & City Police have spoken - What a kneejerk overreaction !;

Don't ask me to go to Opening Night, nor the Arts festival, nor 4th of July (because I agree the OKC Police are unqualified to do their job!; Maybe Gov Mary WAS right - If more people in Thunder Alley wore guns,in holsters, outside and visible, this would not have occurred - See/Hear how STUPID that sounds ?!?

2 years, 10 months ago on Thunder will no longer show games outside