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I still prefer A&M as Mizzou's permanent cross division rival. It seems there is an attempt to recreate the KU/Mizzou rivalry. The one way I can see this is if there is something in the works for Mizzou to move to the West division in the near future but Mizzou's closest border states besides Arky; UK, UT, Vandy are in the East division so Mizzou being in East division isn't that big a deal. The natural rivalry for both A&M and Mizzou going into SEC is their game to be the best one coming in from the Big 12. Or is this something like ensuring each are assimilated into the SEC by not playing each other but playing other SEC teams. But all four are really new teams to the SEC so that idea doesn't seem good and SC/Arky were made rivals on their entry into SEC.

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Simple solution is the two teams with the best record in each division playoff one game. Those two play for SEC championship. How do you do this? Drop one scheduled regular season out of conference game. Play the DSChampionship on that last week's unscheduled date. This makes all SEC games count in RPI and gives the team with the loss to the traditionally very good program a chance to win the division outright.

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I can recal a while back before Leach unleached his offense on the Big 12 when the Big 12 had big, fast defenders but they couldn't contain Leach's offense very well. Yes, Texas and OU did defeat that offense but eventually converted their big back offenses to a Leach style, fast paced offense. I don't think Mizzou and A&M will be totally throttled in SEC. Comes down to execution as it usually does.

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For more rationalizing for SEC to bring on Mizzou is Mizzou/Missouri really has a more similar culture ID with the SouthEast than the Plains of Kansas and cowboy boots of the SouthWest. Our SEC border states are much more in tune with the outstate Missourians than the plains folks. We do have lots in common with folks of Oklahoma & Texas than anything on the Plains but we love food, entertainment, and everyday life more in tune with SEC country. Mizzou fits in well with SEC even more than they did the old Big 6/8.

Even if Mizzou stays a B program as stated I see their competitive intensity really growing each game in each sport with this move.

I for one Mizzou fan and Big 12 fan have no regrets whatsoever about Mizzou's decision to leave all that dsyfunction of will they go; will they stay; will they go; will they stay ignorance of last four years if the A&M president's recollections are correct.

Let's play some football, basketball, baseball, softball, olympic sports SEC brothers and sisters!!!!!!

2 years, 11 months ago on Will The Circle Be Unbroken: How A Mistake 20 Years Ago Has Nuked Conferences And Rivalries


What the SEC could do to expand is forget either VTech or NCState as a pair for future tv subscriptions. That money would be good but may dilute the quality of the teams as was suggested for bringing on FSU because of brand name as B1G apparently did with Nebraska.

What SEC could do for 'Brand' ID and pulling viewers to games broadcast nationally by CBS,ABC,NBC earning one time payments for that and bring in either VTech or NCState with FSU for those subscriptions on a somewhat permanent basis. Depends on what is more valuable to the conference and school presidents. One time payments for one time viewing to perhaps be reshown on SEC Network w/ad revenue there or the more permanent subscription fees. If it is about earnings... FSU, despite a supposed name brand such as Nebraska, wouldn't be as valuable as the possible subscriptions of VTech & NCState.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Obviously B1G didn't need Mizzou's electronic footprint and AAA rating due to their already considerable earnings from their B1G network and went with the 'Brand' name of Nebraska that actually lucked out in a couple games to beat Mizzou as Mizzou was ever improving. Those losses meant a great deal to Mizzou's program and may have put Nebraska at less leverage with Texas/OU since the Huskers were beaten every way but the score which is the only math that counts at the end of the game... not how you got there but that you won. This isn't bitter complaining but just rationalizing how some things may have transpired in Big12 and their treatment of both Mizzou and Nebraska in the end.

Delany has kept B1G within a certain geographic footprint versus electronic. Maybe in 20 years if the subscriptions and money is less the conferences may go through another realignment back to more geographic footprints for fiscal needs.

I like getting the money as Slive is doing. B1G and Pac12 are still doing business as in the 60s, 70s as to partnerships. SEC couldn't/wouldn't do it with SWC to use Sugar Bowl as those two do but Big 8 would and did and waala tried to use Fiesta Bowl that way. Was working wasn't it until Texas got wondering eyes carrying OU/OSU/TT/A&M/CU along. 

2 years, 11 months ago on Will The Circle Be Unbroken: How A Mistake 20 Years Ago Has Nuked Conferences And Rivalries


Call me crazy but I can see a scenario where Notre Dame joins the Big East with all sports. This gives them similar power in a conference with a BCS AQ and Texas like power over the conference. I just cannot see Notre Dame tying itself to Texas especially when Nebraska and Oklahoma both wanted to get away from it. Big East can schedule regular season games agains ACC teams in nice media markets. They can team with Pac12 and B1G to vote in a six team playoff with byes for the top two seeds into the semi-finals. This provides decent money for the Big East and ACC. Plus both leagues would be dominate in basketball. Makes lots of sense to me for Notre Dame. It helps keep them quasi independent as Texas is in Big 12. Saves Big East and ACC. There are no reasons for FSU or Clemson to move to Bi 12 and tie themselves up that way with Texas. This also gives Notre Dame/Big East a coast to coast, mountain to Florida electronic footprint; much more valuable than anything the Big 12 offers. 

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