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Are you in anyway beginning to question Slive's strategy here?  I understand the "market over program" approach, especially with a budding network, but its a strategy that has so far been proven to fail.  Look no further than the ACC adding Boston College and Cuse/PITT.  Now with CBS apparently balking at increasing the contract for Mizzou and TAMU, it just makes me wonder.


Expanding with mid level teams flies in the face of what got the SEC where they are today.  Every time a Mizzou, or TAMU, or NC State (gasp) or, V-Tech gets added, Tennessee loses a game against LSU/Alabama/Auburn.  LSU loses UF so they can play NC State.  After the next expansion the SEC will have a full 1/3 of teams on the outskirts of the footprint that don't even share the same SEC culture.


Is Slive being a little TOO committed to one direction?  Would he chose an ECU or Cincinnati over FSU or Miami?


Delaney, the one commissioner with a functioning revenue producing network, could have added Mizzou with a good size market with synergy in St. Louis.  Mizzou wanted badly to be in the B1G, but was passed up without second thought to add a team in a very negligible market in Nebraska.  Why the different strategies?  Who is making the correct decisions here?


And finally, why is Slive simply acquiescing to the BIG XII desire to play conference home games in the SEC's backyard?  All of their plans could be easily torpedoed by the SEC inviting Florida State.


Perhaps history is repeating itself, only the SEC is the one shooting itself in the foot.

2 years, 11 months ago on Will The Circle Be Unbroken: How A Mistake 20 Years Ago Has Nuked Conferences And Rivalries