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I ould like for him to quit attempted squeeze play in the FIRST INNING with a LEFT-HANDED bat at the plate, ONE OUT, and 4 out of the last 5 batter hammering the pitcher who ends up coming out of the game in the same inning (maybe the second) with a blister on his finger. Why in the world do you start playing little ball in that situation? It seems like Scoscia trying to make his imprint on the game of a "woooo" call at the expense of scoring more runs. They only scored one more run in the remaining 8 innings! Wasted opportunity. Too manyu of these type calls.


Sitting players after a couple of good-hitting games in a row.


Seeing players who couldn't perform with the Angels excel elsewhere. (Rodney)


Seeing players Scoscia wouldn't utilize to there potential excel elsewhere (Napoli). A "personal issue" based on the word of an Angel's scout.


How many times have we been burned on the closer coming into a game with a tie score to give up a run? Many!


Hany more times has the "contact play" from third base to home burned us than be succesful?


Tori calling out the coaching staff was significant IMO. Does Scoscia put his personal loyalties to his coaches above the best interests of the team?


2 years, 11 months ago on An open letter to Angels fans: What exactly do you want Scioscia to do? | May