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 @hanoversports Actually, the "requirements" only state that 3 hours per week of children's programming be aired sometime between 7 AM and 10 PM, not that it had to be Liberty's Kids at that specific appointed hour. It's an extremely fluid rule, as the shows that can be aired, and the times at which they can be aired, can vary significantly from station to station, city to city. (Broadcasting major, myself.)

2 years ago on CBS San Diego Affiliate preempts the NCAA Tournament for .... Cartoons | March | 2013


DirecTV customer, and I have no intention of losing what I've already got, which is plenty, for one niche network. Yes, I'd love to have it, I want to see ASU and UA games live when the conference schedule opens full-time, but I'm not exactly pining and shredding handkerchiefs over it. Any deal needs to be an equitable deal for DirecTV, and one that doesn't pass the buck onto the people who don't care about Pac-12 sports (for the most part, most people east of Denver). I don't buy into the argument that it's in DTV's interest to settle, because they've already defeated Viacom over their TV networks and are likely looking to contain their losses on an inevitable deal here. And let's face it, the Pac-12 isn't exactly lobbying for sainthood, either. They just found a provider willing and desperate to bend over for an advantage over #1, and with their AMC battle dragging on and on, any deal is a win for them. Why, as a start-up, they can't just make a deal now with an option to renegotiate in a year or less is beyond me. DTV is the platform with no major audience grumbling, yet, that they care about;the Pac-12 is the one with the need for carriage to expand an audience and start generating revenue.

2 years, 7 months ago on DirecTV Pac 12 Network Kerfuffle Is Wearing Thin


 @moyni0421 Just as any idiot can respond to a blog. (Myself included, but the only person I'm judging is you.)

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 @Californy Seriously? They're actresses on Broadway, not porn stars. And, it's "Tebow".

2 years, 10 months ago on Tim Tebow's handlers need to chill out | May