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I'm glad to see more categories, parallel to road racing, but I'm skeptical that it will actually make a difference at local races. The 4's and 5's will race together as they always have in the "C" race, while the "B" race will be 3's and 4's? So as a mid-pack Cat 4 license holder, do I get to choose my race? Or will the "C" race be Cat 5 only, which is exactly the way it is now? I think the system is a bit skewed, in that just because you've been racing a long time (like myself) doesn't mean you're any faster. There are plenty of people in their first-ever race that are faster than I am. It's actually turned me off to the sport quite a bit.  

2 years ago on USA Cycling Revises Cyclocross Upgrade Criteria, Adds Category 5 Field