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Be careful what you wish for.  What if someones estranged "daddy" asks for money from a school?  or maybe his "down on his luck" brother-in-law?  You may or may not believe that Cam knew what is father had done.  But you do know many realtives try to cash in on their families luck of have a good athlete in the house. 


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 With Christmas Day being on a Tuesday, it was easy to take 3 days off last week.

I don't know about you, but I'm married and have 3 kids.  Taking the family on a trip like that is a couple grand.  Spending thousands each year on airfare/gas, tickets, hotels, food after spending money on Christmas is a bitmuch.  Add in taking days off from work (travel day/recovery day) and it is pretty expensive.


When you have 30+ bowl games a year, this isn't the "special" thing it was only 20 years ago with 14 Bowls and you went Bowling only on those special seasons.  Florida should have been happy with their season and should have wanted to go to NOLA.  But going to the SEC championship game (and then maybe the BCS Championship Game) has become what SEC fans deem as special.  Miss St. hadn't been to a bowl in years and almost sold out the Gator Bowl 2 yrs. ago.  3 concecutive Bowl seasons later, they couldn't sell their premium ticket allotment.    

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I believe having mid week bowl games - post holiday - is a HUGE detractor from attending these bowl games.  Nothing like blowing a couple of your vacation days at the beginning of the year, after you have been off for a couple of weeks.  Also, if you have little kids, now you either have to take them (and they miss more school) or find a babysitter (and get the sitter to take them to school).  TV wants these games after New Years Day, but if moving the games to X day after NYD = Y increase in revenue, they need to lower some of those prices for the locals and/or the local bowl committee needs to encourage more local ticket sales.  Nothing beats seeing your team live, but traveling to a Bowl Game is expensive.  These leagues requiring increased Bowl Payouts is only passing the buck on to the schools (required ticket purchases) and ultimately the fans.

2 years, 2 months ago on Observations On Florida’s Nightmarish Sugar Bowl


I've been to one NBA game in my life.  My freshman year at Auburn, the guy in the dorm room next door's fathers company had season tickets to the Atlanta Hawks.  Second row courtside.  Last minute his Dad called and asked him if he wanted the tickets (Atlanta is 90 miles from Auburn) and we saw Utah Jazz vs. the Hawks.  Mr. Kerr stick to the NBA.                

2 years, 3 months ago on TNT’s Kerr Wonders How A&M’s Manziel Got Tickets To Mavs Game, Disses SEC In The Process


This might sound like a stupid question, but if anyone can leave Penn St. and play right away.  Can anyone go to Penn St. and play right away?  I know it sounds crazy, but I would be okay with that if so. 

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While Jacksonville is an open air stadium, their host committee and events week has consistently been at the top of the list from surveys completed by Colleges post Bowl week.  Jacksonvill also host a little game called the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, with people tailgating all week long along the banks of the St. Johns River.  Orlando's stadium is not up to a decent college stadium standard, much less the NFL standard that many of the others have.  I'm trying to figure out how the Citrus Bowl plans on getting even close to there with less than 200 million.  I think it is Jerry's world and then the rest. 


In my opinion, Stadium size should be the first criteria before location. The 24 schools in the Big 12 (minus 2) and the SEC represent some of the largest fanbases in the country (not to mention the largest on campus stadiums).  Second would be ability to handle the college game and tailgating.  I went to the Auburn/Oregon National Championship game in Glendale.  While the Stadium was top notch, they didn't open the parking lots until 12 noon before a 6 pm game.  The Wal-Mart down the street started filling up by 9 am with Auburn campers and fans waiting to get in there.  They didn't have enough port-a-lets for the all the fans tailgating and when they let the doors open they didn't expect a mad rush for the doors an hour before kick-off (us big time college folks like to see them warm up, hear the bands, etc.)


1. Jerry's World.

2. New Orleans

3. Jacksonville

4. Houston

5. Glendale (if they could work on the outside the stadium experience)

6. Tampa Bay (stadium size is the only thing hurting them)

2 years, 7 months ago on A Closer Look At 10 Potential “Champions” Bowl Hosts


I have seen many posts on this site and others with regards to "Project X".  I know it seems like a no-brainer for us SEC crazy people.  The powers that be in the Northeast who keep force feeding New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox and other Northeast products down our throats might not understand that we would all call our cable/sat provider and demand the channel (and more importantly pay up to $5 a month for it).  Talk about yearly programing, you could have a weekly Tailgate Cooking Show and I would bet it would be highly rated.  That said, I still haven't seen anything with regards to a timeline on getting it done or how long the "look-in" period will be with CBS/ESPN.  With regards to a 9 game schedule, doesn't it make sense (and cents) to use it as a chip with these talks as well as wait to go to 9 game schedule when you see the new playoff criteria?  Sorry for all the questions, but this site and your opinion seems to be the best out there to find the answers!

2 years, 9 months ago on Was The SEC, Missouri, And Texas A&M Union A Smart Move?


1. Slive is right to let the money do the talking.  2. Bowl games lose money for the schools.  3. TV makes money for the schools.  4. Home games = happy fans.  5. Cupcake vs. SEC team makes season ticket holder grumpy, TV Exec's grumpy but makes $$$ for School and local economy.  So the question is does 1+2+3+4+5 = more $$$ for School than losing one home game every other year minus the loss you get from travel to Toliet Bowl? 


The AD's and Coaches like the Bowl games because they have incentives in their contracts.  That is why they don't like the 9 game schedule.

2 years, 10 months ago on Could TV Negotiations Drive SEC To 9-Game Football Schedule?