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With all the whining we have heard and the problems of cross divisional rivalries and the talk of a conference champions playoff, or at least 3 with a wild card, i really believe there might be a solution that makes the SEC the premier football league for a long time. A nine game schedule will be a must in the future. This should be implemented so teams play each other more, but what if we moved around the divisions? East Alabama Auburn Florida Georgia Kentucky Tennessee South Carolina West LSU Arkansas Texas A&M Missouri Miss St Ole Miss Vandy With these divisions, you could basically do away with cross divisional rivals although Vandy may still want to play Tennessee every year. You could have 3 rotating games between divisions which would ensure everyone gets through the full schedule of teams in a short amount of time. The SEC East would be the prize jewel of all of CFB. The SEC would bank, and the conference champ would get in anyway. I think the West would improve as well with schools initial heeding a real shot at winning a division. Tennessee is down right now, so is UK and UF, if Arkansas keeps competing the way it has and A&M makes some moves or a Mizzou or MSU, then it is not lopsided at all. Just an idea that I think could work in a new era, now getting SEC presidents to approve would be another. What do you think Mr. SEC?

2 years, 10 months ago on The SEC’s 8-Game Schedule Draws More Fire


Gatorwhisperer: I think the pods would work because you would get a lot of flexibility in the schedule. I am mixed on FSU because I think they bring the most to the SEC brand outside of possibly UNC or OU. On the other hand, UF dominates the state of Florida and I don't want to give a hand up in any way. Pods would work though because of the fact it provides so much flexibility in the schedule. Instead of playing a definite 6 teams every year, you are only playing a definite 3. You would also be able to get two permanent rivals possibly.


SEC North

Tennessee (Georgia and Alabama)

Kentucky (Mississippi State and Missouri)

Virginia Tech (NC State/FSU/UNC and Missouri)

Vanderbilt (Ole Miss and Arkansas)


SEC East


Florida (LSU and Auburn)

Georgia (Auburn and Tennessee)

South Carolina (Texas A&M and Missouri)

NC State/FSU/UNC (Va Tech and Texas A&M)



Alabama (LSU and Tennessee)

Auburn (Florida and Georgia)

Miss State (Kentucky and Texas A&M)

Ole Miss (Vandy and Arkansas)


SEC West


Arkansas (Ole Miss and Vandy)

LSU (Alabama and Florida)

Texas A&M (Miss St and NC State/FSU/UNC)

Missouri (South Carolina and Kentucky)


Maybe something like this is a solution to some of the problems in the future.


In the meantime, why not let some teams go on permanent rivalries that want them and others rotate? If LSU, South Carolina, Texas A&M, Kentucky, Mississippi State and Florida want to rotate, why not?


2 years, 11 months ago on SEC Meeting Recap: Slive’s League Dangerously Close To Doing Some Very Stupid Things


Auburn and Florida was one of the premier rivalries of the SEC for generations. From Spurrier's field goal win in 1966 to the 1985 shutdown of Bo and the 1994 last second toss by Auburn to beat #1 Florida, this was a great one, and nothing mattered more for years for folks in the panhandle than this game. 83 times these two universities have played but expansion originally put a damper on this one of the past decade and expansion again will make this a once every 12 year event to see Auburn at Florida Field. This year would be the 100th anniversary of UF-AU playing their first football game, and instead of playing this year as scheduled, UF and Auburn will be apart again. The SEC should move to a 9 game schedule and it should happen now to preserve at least some sort of regular scheduling of these old rivalries. The funny thing is, adding 16 teams in pods would also provide some more flexibility to keep these old rivalries alive.

2 years, 11 months ago on SEC Meeting Recap: Slive’s League Dangerously Close To Doing Some Very Stupid Things


I would like the SEC to go to a 16 team league which I believe would allow for traditional rivalries to continue. As a Gator, I would like to play Auburn again every year and enjoy our rivalry with Tennessee that has developed over the past 25 years. I also believe adding Florida State might be the best move for the SEC. Florida State is a brand name that CBS will pay for! FSU fits in culturally and locks in the state of Florida which is by far the largest state in the Southeast. Virginia Tech also provides a brand name I think CBS would pay for as well as opening up the Virginia/DC market.

2 years, 11 months ago on Report: SEC Getting Closer To Starting Its Own Television Network