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I would just like to share some input from someone who was at Thunder Alley and witnessed the shooting from across the street. Upon arriving to Thunder Alley around the start of the 3rd quarter, I had an unsettling feeling. The first few minutes I was there, I fight broke out and the gentleman I was standing next to was one of the one's involved. What a way to start off the first Thunder Alley experience right? The police soon tackled the two men involved, but it's still unsettling to know this family like atmosphere could take a turn for the worst so fast. From that point on, the group I was with had a very strange feeling something worse could happen. Being surronded by people and individuals we weren't accustomed to being around was extremely uncomfortable. Especially after two of these people got into a fight.. I won't describe them other than the fact they were dressed like "hoodlums." Anyways, the game was over and we were finally leaving Thunder Alley and heading back to where we parked in Bricktown. Had we not of taken our time or walked slow, we would have been right in the midst of the shooting. My group of friends and I were right across the street from the incident and saw all of it unfold in front of our eyes. There is not a more terrible feeling than realizing what you thought were fireworks were actually gunshots and having to duck down for cover.  Fortunately no one I was down there with was injured. However, it's still traumatizing to see all that happen, and see the chaotic aftermath and witnessing all those people get hurt.


My point in all of this, is when you get a large concentration of "inner city" people, stuff like this is bound to happen. I can tell you all of the obscene language, fights, and shootings, involved such people. Only one class of people was involved in all these incidents, and it was the "gangsters." Not the college students, surburbanite parents with their children, elderly people, or young high school students, but the good for nothing thugs. It's really disappointing an event that has so much potential has to be courrupted and ultimately destroyed by these kind of people.


Struts10, you are correct in your statement that it was a bunch of poeple who can't afford tickets. Being a witness, I can promise you that's what it was.


2 years, 11 months ago on Thunder advance to Western Finals in five over the Lakers, 106-90