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First off, thank you, thank you for developing such an awesome section tool! This is beautiful. The best gallery I've seen.  And, a super contribution to my site!   I am trying to fine tune the layout...


 I am looking to have a more unified Skin border where both images "Fit to Frame" without showing so much excess white space between the First Image and thumbnails below.  Sizing my images in 72dpi and same px is not working.


1) Do you have any suggestions on how to make both image types (Vertical & Horizontal) proportionately "fit to frame" without showing so much white space between the First image and the thumbnails below? (Both of my image heights are set to 435px, but they make the Flip Slide skin border more Vertical than Horizontal.


In other words, I want the Slide Image & Thumbnails to be visible on the page without having to scroll down to see the thumbnails...much like my slider and instagram photos on my Home page.  I see that I can set the max width, but that reduces the size of the Slide image.


3) You state on your demo page, "...skins available if you want to extend it to match your site a bit more."  How are these obtained?  



If anyone other than Nick knows these solutions, I'd appreciate the help. 





2 years ago on Flip Slide


Cool, very cool. However, can you enable preferred vimeo buttons; e.g.,  just the like (heart) icon or both the watch later and heart icon?


And, can you make the video linkable with a separate and/or vimeo link to the video?  


Are these possible meta updates you can add in the future?


Nonetheless, very nice section tool. Thanks!


2 years, 2 months ago on Vimeo Embed



Is the flash container ready?  

I would like to embed my LightRoom4 gallery on a page or post.  


Will this embed be able to play on iPhone/iPad ???



2 years, 2 months ago on Flash Container


Im also interested in that capability.

2 years, 4 months ago on Grid-Portfolio


Nice plug and play section tool.  It's difficult to achieve custom grid without some coding knowledge, so this tool has been great for me.  I have found some limitations in regard to my preferred text layout and hover options because my coding skill is limited.  However, for quickly & easily setting up a box grid with linkable images it does the job excellently.  And, I've experienced Adam to communicate clearly with a willingness to meet my objectives.  Solid developers produce solid tools.  

2 years, 5 months ago on Grid-Portfolio