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I've been using gijit for a couple weeks now - love it.  Can't wait for native and mobile apps!

2 years, 11 months ago on Sneaking in From Canada, Gijit Promises to Take the Pain Out of Organizing Meetings


Great message Nathaniel; we definitely need to continue to innovate in the fitness space. While I agree with you that improvements in sensor technology can only help, the industry has made great progress in the past 24 months, especially around increasing engagement.  We've learned the power of social ( - evident in the new competitive and cooperative features in Fitocracy, group feats in DailyFeats, etc.  We're beginning to understand how to truly facilitate behavioral change - my favorites here are Habit Labs' budge and DailyFeats.  Access to quality health and wellness information is improving too. is one example. They back every fact with a PubMed citation and have experts sign off on every article.

There's a lot of work to do, but don't overlook the great work being done today. :) 


Where I personally think we fall short, and it goes largely unmentioned here, is food/nutrition tracking.   There's no _great_, easy to use food tracker that does much more than count calories.  Nor do any existing food trackers integrate with the larger tracking ecosystem in any meaningful way.  We're working on solving these problems and others at Thryve (  We'll be on the App Store in early June.  We'd love for all of you to check us out!



2 years, 11 months ago on Fitness Tech Needs to Pick Up the Pace