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The Universe is real and dynamic. It is an axiomatic statement no one can deny.  That dynamism drives all. Hence to know oneself we are compelled to understand the Universe's manifestation process. That is how Sankhya and its dynamic Yoga  system was elucidated mathematically through axioms by Kapilamuni at the very first instance. Understanding the principle is cardinal to right action. But no one is. Tokenism prevails and pontificating half truths is the order of the day.  Kapillamunis extraordinary creation is not of any consequence . Perhaps the 68 Sankhya sutras are the only facts that matters but unless it is seen as in kapillavastu dot com  and understood all the drama on Hinduism will remain a parody. and Monier Williams will prevail. 

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Whats the use of commenting? The Bali Hindu group is so immersed in itd own importance thay have not even acknowledged my letter and book and website www dot kapillavastu dot com.

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There exists an axiom  based holistic science called Sankhya. It has defined and identified numerically the state of components in space that create particles from the fundamental already existing in nature in a coherent and balanced state that cannot be detected by quantum reacting instruments. It can be detected by potential difference detecting instruments. Hence the Higgs boson is in fact that fundamental mass in a coherent and balanced state being blasted into a vortex that can exist only for one cycle of a few femto seconds.. The mechanism that operates at the fundamental space level is an interactive process of perpetual harmonic oscillation (PHO) that has yet to be derived in Physics. PHO state is the cause of neutrino and proton abundance in space and acts as the advanced potential which triggers the photon into existence as a retarded wave function consisting of 7 neutrinos accelerated simultaneously into the quantum state. Space is three dimensional but the mahematics of field operators are linear / vector/ tensor forms that cannot offer discrete solutions that volumetric quantum or particle creations without coefficients of form and dimentonality.  But a three dimensional or volumetric analysis on a computer could reproduce these particles using the PHO algorithm accurately. See website for info Also contact for explanations.

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