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What gets me is that Sean & Bill *know* they're homers, and make fun of themselves for it. How many announcers do you hear talking about taking off their fan goggles, or "They don't need to review that; they can just ask us!", etc. Nobody seems to catch those moments; too busy being annoyed, I guess.


Maybe NBATV should just provide their own announcers, but then people complain about national announcers too.

2 years, 1 month ago on Elliott called out for being a 'homer' announcer


 @Old Man Game Tell him the Boomers are the Australian national team -- and their head coach and point guard are with the Spurs at present (Brett Brown, Patty Mills).

2 years, 10 months ago on Practice Report: Thunder rejuvenated and ready to roll


Along the lines of "deceptively simple" -- when people miss the complexities and only notice the "simple" outcome, they'll often interpret it as a failure on the opponent's part, rather than anything in particular the Spurs did well. Skim through game threads on opposing blogs; most will have some variant on "MATT BONNER ONLY DOES ONE THING WHY CAN'T YOU GUARD HIM!!!"


When the Spurs played Orlando this year, one particular play had fans furious with Jameer Nelson because "what are you doing all the way under the basket while your man [Gary Neal] is hopscotching out on the 3-point line". Later another blog broke down that play to show how the correct defensive action -- hedging on a (decoy) screen set by Neal -- led to Nelson's being double-screened when he tried to recover, freeing Neal for the open shot. But it took a trained eye to spot that early action as intentional, clever, and well-executed.

2 years, 11 months ago on Black Coffee, Steely Dan, and the Bland, Refined Flavor of the San Antonio Spurs