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YO bleacher report doesnt even PAY ppl to write for them. GTFOH.

2 years ago on How I respond to the haters


There was one scene in the The dark Knight where Dent showed his dark side before he was disfigured. When he interrogates the Joker lackey who is wearing a nametag with his girlfriend's name. He holds him at gunpoint and flips his coin to decide if he going to shoot him. Granted at this time the coin was heads on both sides so there was no way he was going to shoot him, but its still a really dark scene. I think my problem with harvey Dent after he turned heel was the extent of his evilness. Its one thing to have Two-face killing gangsters and corrupt cops but him holding Commissioner Gordan's family hostage was way too much. I didn't buy that at all. 

In regards to Dwight, I would say that he was just a big phony the entire time.

2 years, 6 months ago on Player Capsules (Plus): Heel Turns with Dwight Howard, the Laker Legend