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If I had the opportunity to go to the Essence Awards my outfit would be cute yet comfortable.  Starting from the top, my hair (in all it's natural glory) would be in a protective style; braids and twists compliment me well, so it'd be one of the two.  My nails would be freshly manicured with a nice silver color; more on the pewter side.  I would have on no make-up; have never worn any.  My jewelry would be simple; silver earrings, bracelet and watch.  I'd have on an all white dress, detailed with lace, ribbon and the tiniest pearls, all embroided so closely that you'd have to really look close to figure out the design.  I'd also wear a nice chic pair of Tory Burch, white and red.  I'd carry a simple navy leather clutch and add my final accessory of My Life Blossom by Mary J Blige. 

2 years, 11 months ago on Giveaway: State Farm “Celebrate Your Style” Contest