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John, it seems to me that superconferences are very likely now.  It also seems, based on your analysis, that the ACC may be picked apart.  If this is all true, there are several future articles for you to consider:

(1)  What two programs would be next for the SEC?  I think one from NC and VI make sense.  I know people will say there are tag along programs in these states, but if there aren't enough seats those requirements may go away.

(2)  Will the Big 12 trry to form an eastern division with WVU?  If so, what addition 6 programs make sense?

(3)  What 4 programs will the Big 10 go after?  Obviously Notre Dame, but who else from the east / northeast? 

The answers to these questions will still leave a few ACC / Big East teams out of a home. 

(4)  What can the Pac 12 do if they become landlocked?  If everyone is at 16 teams, but the Pac 12, then they will start to be left behind.  There is BYU and then?


Thanks for the great articles.

2 years, 11 months ago on SEC Headlines 5/20/2012