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In the name of good sportsmanship and fairness, I understand and accept bad calls.  I was taught from a very young age that to question a Referee’s decision is bad sportsmanship so when I see bad calls I try to defend it by saying there WILL be bad calls but those calls will eventually affect my team equally negatively and positively.  After all, no Referee can make a perfect call every time.

Although there were too many Laker favored calls in game 1 and game 2 to be unintentional, we won the games, and I believe that is why not much was said about the calls in these games; however, there is no amount of good sportsmanship that can validate the corrupt calls everyone witnessed in game 3 and it is a very difficult loss to accept. 

We have proved ourselves to be better than the Lakers so the remaining question is – Can Thunder out play the Referees?

2 years, 11 months ago on Thunder drop a tough Game 3 to the Lakers, 99-96