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My mother always joked that I was grown, but never that grown. I finally got my own business fiscally sucessfull and my condo decorated ( I used to move alot but I finally "put down roots somewhere"), she came over and gave her smile of approval and asked me to follow her home to spend more time with her. I did of course. I walked in the house and went into her kitchen to start cooking dinner, and she asked me to sit down. She went in her chest that was my grandfathers, pulling out a hat box. She sat down with me and carefully opened the box that contained every progress report, report card, Thanksgiving finger paint art project, and  greeting card I had made her since first grade. Every note the teacher sent home - everything. She started to tear up and said "Now you are really grown up. You are old enough to have this now, and when you have kids, you can show them and eventally your grandkids. You can now also have your Grandmother's china she left you. It's time." We sat the whole night going over moment after moment. Stuff I couldn't even remember, things I didn't even know - moments where she was so proud of me, but I never grasped the unconditional love. We packed up my Nana's China, put box after box in my truck. She gave me a hug before I got in the car, and told me " Now you can understand my  struggle, determination, and agape love for you through a mother's eyes. Now, I really can't wait to see you as a mother." I cried all the way home... I am all grown up.

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