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My goodness if I were in New Orleans at the Essence Music Festival!!! I would wear a sexy, sunshine yellow maxi dress with a racer back!! Multi colored strapped wedges! Gold bangles & necklace & earrings & rings! Hair in a curly fro! Nails & toes....ombre shandes of pink!

2 years, 11 months ago on Giveaway: State Farm “Celebrate Your Style” Contest


My mom is in Heaven now & man do I miss her! She raised me on her own & we didn't have much but she made the most of what we had...I never went without or wanted for anything although she sacrificed herself! The last Mother's Day we had together was wonderful because I graduated from college the day before & she was so proud! She said that was the best gift ever!!....RIPP mommy & Happy Birthday in Heaven!

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