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My best memory with my mother would be this past January 2012, we took a mom and daughter trip to Brenkenridge Colorado, a small town about 1. 5 hour outside of Denver. We rented a small little house in the town along with another mom and daughter. (longtime friends of the family) We decided to go out a limb and participate in some winter sports and activities. We snowboarded, skied, and did snowmobiling. for the first time ever. The snowmobile ride up into the mountains was the absolute best, most breathtaking experience ever. It was just me and my mom driving our snowmobiles up to the top of the mountain with our snowmobile instructor.  I never thought we could have bonded so much in -4 degree weather going up to elevation of over 12,000 ft. Even though it was tough, once we got to the very top it was def. well worth it.  It was a since of accomplishment and a very exhilarating moment., and I am very grateful to have shared that with my mother. We arrived at the top just as the sun was setting. It felt as though we were in a movie.  Its soo funny because often people have the misconception that blacks don't do winter sports, especially women. But I encourage all blacks women and men to do at least some type of winter sport. Its a memory that I will never forget. 

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