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My best *mom* memory...too many to choose of my favorites is probably when I was having my own daughter. I'm an only girl and a first born and when I was pregnant with my first who happened to be a was like the whole dynamic of our relationship changed. I wasn't just her child, just her daughter any more. I was becoming a mom, too. I remember I was living several hours away and I was big and pregnant and uncomfortable and cranky and frustrated and tired and I could call my mother and talk to her. You know, growing up, I had mostly been talked to but we started having actual conversations at that point. I called her one night deep in to my 9th my baby was overdue and going into 10 months...and I was just crying, I wanted my mom. She took off work, drove several hours, and by the time she got to my town, I was in the hospital in labor. So, she was there for the birth of her first grandchild, her first granddaughter. And that's something we'll always have.

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