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Didn't Mark Jackson play Curry for 58 minutes (overtime included) in Game 1 of the Semifinals against the Spurs. Basically, Curry did not even rest for at least one whole MINUTE! 48 minutes in regulation, 5 minutes in each overtime (since we went double overtime that game), so 48+10=58. That's Mark Jackson for you. The only rest Curry got was halftime and timeouts, and Curry couldn't do jack squat during the second half and overtimes. So, Jackson thinks resting players will backfire? He didn't rest Curry once in Game 1, backfired. Curry played subpar for the rest of the series, because Game 1 zapped him of all his energy. Also, slightly injuring his ankle didn't help either. Honestly, Mark Jackson is not the "COACH" of the Warriors. He's more of the preacher and motivational leader. If anyone watched the semis last season, when Jackson was wired up, the things he said were along the lines of, "This is our time! This is our moment! Prove to me you belong! If you believe in the Holy Land, you will get there! Believe and you will prevail, we shall succeed! " He was just preaching, and that one assistant coach was the one showing the players what to do on the white board, giving directions of assignments while Jackson stood to the side. Real head coaches have to do BOTH. Head coaches aren't supposed to preach, then let one of the assistant coaches come in and coach when it comes to plays and assignments. 

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I love Iceman, but how do you not have MICHAEL JORDAN on an all-time list? 

My list:

C - Hakeem Olajuwon

PF - Tim Duncan

SF - Lebron James

SG - Michael Jordan

PG - Magic Johnson 

Kareem may have the most unstoppable scoring move of all time, but Hakeem to me, also had a dominant offensive game, as seen by his deadly post moves. Also, I think Hakeem is a slightly better defender.  People say Larry Bird is the greatest SF ever, but I guarantee after Lebron's career is over, he will be the greatest SF ever. Bird had superb shooting and rebounding. But Lebron is more complete. Lebron is the better overall scorer, better defender, and a slightly better passer. What gives Lebron the edge is his athleticism. Lebron's athleticism is an advantage in any era. He's a freak of nature. 

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Man, we talking about PRACTICE??? 

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Nando needs to go back to Europe, where he can at least play. He is not cut out for the NBA. When he signed with us, I was very wary of him. I knew with Manu still producing, Danny Green emerging, there would be very little playing time for him, and I was right. Then we got Belinelli, so there was never a chance for him. Besides, he's just not that good. His defense is horrible, and one thing that stood out when he played was turning the ball over a lot. Manu turns it over quite a few times, but he tends to make up for it during the game (sans last season's NBA Finals.) I knew Nando wouldn't be great coming into the NBA. Even overseas, he's not that great of a player. It sucks for him. No playing time here, requests a trade thinking he'll play with a new team, gets the same result. He'll probably get waived after this season, and I doubt anyone wants him. 

4 weeks ago on New team, same result for Nando De Colo