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The SF Giants have been incredibly fortunate that the starting five have been healthy with almost no roster disruptions due to injury during the last 3 years.  If a starter were to be sidelined, who would become the 5th starter?  Is there a chance that a control pitcher like Blackburn could be brought up or would they possibly have to rely on a middle reliever such as Gaudin?  Or could it be Surkamp assuming  he is able to get a few minor league starts under his belt?  

1 year, 11 months ago on Minor League Mailbag: May 3


Based on baseball's market-based economics, Posey is certainly worth the $167 million that will be paid to him.  However, contracts of this size almost assure that Giants variable ticket prices will be beyond the affordability of most middle income families.  To add some  context to this,  over two hundred families would have to earn $100,000/year to approach the money being paid to an outstanding baseball player over the same eight years.  Wonder what will  happen to attendance if the Giants were suddenly to become a middle-of-the-pack team? 

2 years ago on Buster Posey just made a lot of money (and Giants fans really happy)


Of the prospects, I like Crick and Blackburn the most.   They're both very young, highly successful in Single A ball,and have potential for a rapid climb.  It'll  be fun to see how  they fare at San Jose.  I'm a bit troubled that Gary Brown is already 24 years old.  By this  age, many promising prospects have had strong years in the upper minors and are already at the major league level.  This year will be a critical year for Brown.  Seems to me that it would also be incumbent for Panik to have a strong year in the upper minors.  Aside from Crick and Blackburn, we haven't  had anyone tearing it up in the minors....and that's a bit disappointing.

2 years, 2 months ago on Bay City Ball’s 2013 Top Prospect List, #5-1