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GOOD ONE! Finally. Someone gets it about "GoDaddy" -- they were the Internet's original spammers back in the early 90's -- I would get soo much spam from GoDaddy promoting their "Website Tonight" site designer software.... then I watched them put "little people" (dwarves) in elves customs (sitting merrily on Parson's lap) along and big-breasted women in cop out fits, washing cars, etc... I have to say, it obviously worked for the South and for NASCAR fans... The rest of us are not amused. I left GoDaddy years ago... Whenever I have a client that uses Godaddy, I just get them to move. It's easy after they try GoDaddy hosting for a week... then it's no problem getting them to leave.

2 years, 11 months ago on No More Breasts, Elephants, or SOPA: How Warren Adelman Is Saving Go Daddy’s Soul


Just wanted to say...


I had contacted ALL of the Pagelines designers who were listed under the Pageline's developer's area here on None of them could come through... except Jimmy. Look no further. HIRE THIS GUY NOW.


Jimmy recently completed a Pagelines Framework project for us -- one that I thought would be aesthetically challenging, design-wise. So, I was willing (and expecting) to compromise because it was complex in nature.


I was **amazed** when I saw his finished work. Absolutely perfect. I highly recommend this designer. Not only was the project completed quickly, it was completed under budget and met our specs precisely -- without any compromises. What could possibly be more perfect?

2 years, 11 months ago on WPjim