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While I regard the Obama administration policy of using the lives of this native mammal, or more accurately, the deaths, as "death-capital" to use in negotiating with prospective swing voters who would otherwise vote republican in MT, AK, and other places where local control is conflated with the ability to twitch trigger fingers without regulation,

that  such Chamberlain/-appeasement tactics do not work with those who are such benighted nazis as those who demonize a living intelligent social species, and our very wild native ecosystems.

Wolves now stand to be butchered by fear- and hate-filled Euroamericans, through more legislative riders on must-pass appropriations bills, as they were by democrats a few years ago also absent any morality or ethical stand.

Not yet familiar with CBDs review, I am with many of the habitat studies, and many of the resultant political responses, in WA, CO, NM, AZ, and even the recent ones in Northern CA.

A vast island of private logging land exists in NorCal, which when tied to the public lands, makes for a deer- and (Roosevelt) elk- rich environment suitable for the wolf's return.

But it ain't gonna happen, should the humans fail to prioritize large native mammal restoration, wolf restoration, habitat connectivity, prevention of further roading (which is associated with heavy poaching and destructive hunting - as in WI, where the tiny wolf population is hunted down with dogs)

The proposed designation of all AZ and NM south of I-40  for the Mexican (C. lupus baileyi) smaller subspecies, allowed wildlife and wildlands advocates to propose that the Kaibab (scene of a deadly deer irruption in the decade after wolves were genocidally killed off) Plateau off the North Rim of Greater Grand Canyon.

The Northern wolf, which certainly COULD subsist there will make that less likely to be so designated. Reactionary Utah politics will prevent healthy dispersal to the area from the North.

Wolf biologists are not in agreement about how to increase "social" carrying capacity, which is code for human tolerance. L. David Mech, who expressed desire that wolves survive back in the 1970s, has spent much of his ensuing career, attacking wolf advocacy, right up to  the present, perhaps figuring that violent backlash would increase.

Others who have conducted longer-term studies personally, have discovered much about wolf society and social learning, and have given us hope for tolerance through specific knowledge and programs.

Yet, neither faction understood the intransigence of the chimpanzee that names itself human. In this vastly overpopulated human world, we must expect that every policy promoting human growth and exploitation will result in a tightening of the strangling snare on the throat of not only the wolf and other native species (in CA, water will increasingly be drawn from the gills of choking salmon for specious "economic improvement" of the money and offspring-hungry crowds there), but of life on Earth itself.

I'll make one sure prediction here: Any human colony on Mars (as is so hyped in media and tech today), will die.

It is incumbent upon each of us, including those who voted so selfishly and benightedly yesterday), to prevent the demise of every wolf, every millimeter of land by those chimps now in power. The earth, if it hopes, can only hope that the presiding executive administrator, will become a vertebrate, and veto everything portending or intending the deaths which will be striven for by the majority of US citizens and their duly elected legislators.

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@boulderclimbr @Evil Taco  What you've got is a larger culture which prizes specifically "conquering" Chomolungma.

This visiting source of livelihood or revenue has changed the lives of many Sherpa.

Ueli and Simone sought to challenge themselves in a way less common than when mountaineers first hired the Sherpa to assist them, and it is common for humans to generalise and stereotype strangers, in relatively anonymous or saturated populations. Those heuristics are also common to other animals, and we cannot completely shed this kind of cognition.

For instance, you yourself were once a "nube." So such denigration by generalisation is quickly shown to be inaccurate.

Evil taco is dead on I think, when distilling bouldr's comments down to amateurs, in the sense that they are not involved with climbing for the same reason as previous to the industry's existence.

I remember when pros traveled giving slide shows to make a bit of cash, before the huge seminars which gained some much more. Look to the corruption  resulting from business seminars telling anyone they can conquer all. I just saw the Wolf of Wall Street, which did not depart from the book written by the depicted trader. The hype portrayed is hardly exaggerated from real seminars.

Here I sit wearing some useful and beautiful garments with the Sherpa brand name on them. reckoning that namas te is the only appropriate comment. Sharing human traits, I find everyone's positions somewhere inside myself.

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@BedeA @boulderclimbr 

Sherpas have both been equal partners in ascending Everest and have both shared or done the hard safety work.

Does anyone remember that Ed Hillary felt that Tenzing Norgay was at least his equal, and without Tenzing, it would have not been the same - perhaps not done then?

Sherpas have not been the ones at fault for the crazed desire to "conquer" Everest/Chomolungma/Sagarmatha, but that began through the original European/American mountaineers talks and recordings of their climbs to appeal to wealthy and ambitious businesspeople. The insane popularity is a result of slide show "positive thinking" speeches paid for by corporations to get more from their employees, but instead those employees set this magnificent mountain as their goal, because one can walk no higher on Earth.

We must understand that mountaineers do this for the challenge and beauty of living.

Both the Sherpa and the other dedicated mountaineers are professionals. While I have climbed alone and privately for other reasons, I believe that both of you share something beautiful, beyond the understanding of those who focus upon impotent rage. 

Yes, many commentors fail to understand or value others, and it is easy to become angry when opinions of someone who was not there are voiced in such biased ways.

We are each on Earth only for a while, and never enough of our time is spent in the wonder, pure effort, and beauty of this place which has endured and will endure beyond the tiny lives of men.

Wherever our roots, our homes, our travels, we follow our way best when we salute the life and meetings of others.

This affair was unfortunate, as both parties were right, for their own purposes. The Sherpa know too many who have died from the mistakes of others, or accidents, and their opinions are of extreme value.

It has always been a great responsibility of those passing others to exert care for those below them.

I hope that both the Sherpa and the Swiss trio will continue and extend their mutual respect. I hope that all the ambitious who go to Chomolungma will learn that what they seek must also contain this ultimate respect.

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I would suspect that an interesting use of trawling nets could be made in the heavier accumulation in the NP Gyre. Since a number of organisms live and/or reproduce there, it would be good to hear about their adaptation and the consequences of trash removal, if such a project could be created.

Incidentally, my brother reported to me the huge extent of plastics and other manufactured material during his passage through it more than a decade ago.

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