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@boulderclimbr @Evil Taco  What you've got is a larger culture which prizes specifically "conquering" Chomolungma.

This visiting source of livelihood or revenue has changed the lives of many Sherpa.

Ueli and Simone sought to challenge themselves in a way less common than when mountaineers first hired the Sherpa to assist them, and it is common for humans to generalise and stereotype strangers, in relatively anonymous or saturated populations. Those heuristics are also common to other animals, and we cannot completely shed this kind of cognition.

For instance, you yourself were once a "nube." So such denigration by generalisation is quickly shown to be inaccurate.

Evil taco is dead on I think, when distilling bouldr's comments down to amateurs, in the sense that they are not involved with climbing for the same reason as previous to the industry's existence.

I remember when pros traveled giving slide shows to make a bit of cash, before the huge seminars which gained some much more. Look to the corruption  resulting from business seminars telling anyone they can conquer all. I just saw the Wolf of Wall Street, which did not depart from the book written by the depicted trader. The hype portrayed is hardly exaggerated from real seminars.

Here I sit wearing some useful and beautiful garments with the Sherpa brand name on them. reckoning that namas te is the only appropriate comment. Sharing human traits, I find everyone's positions somewhere inside myself.

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