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If the Big-12 "loves" to play in the cold then why do they end their season a week before anyone else? And isn't their CCG in a dome in Indy(not open air like Chicago, Cleveland, etc.)?


The new Big-12 is a joke on this issue, and quite frankly I'm tired of national writers like Beano Cook touting the company line. If the Big-12 is tired of the SEC dominance,  then it's time for their Big-4( Wisconsin, UM,OSU, Nebraska) to nut-up and beat the SEC on the field in bowl games. Delany and his leagues "tears" in the media make him and his conference look weak and scared. 


Love the work the writers on this site do. I've been following since the TAMU deal, and the work and thought you guys do in your articles is amazing keep it up.



2 years, 11 months ago on Can We Please Stop The “Big Ten Teams Have To Play In Hot Weather At Bowl Time” Nonsense?