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I agree with @dbvickery. I use Yoast but focus just on writing good content and helping people. This approach saw my stats shoot through the roof for a particular recent blog post, so I used the comments to find out what other things people wanted to know then addressed those things too - and the traffic went even higher. It's over 30K a month actually.

The weird thing is that my most popular blog posts are about things that are kind of 'obvious' to me but clearly are not obvious to my readers. Once you start to help people and answer questions then (hopefully) the traffic follows. I'm fascinated by SEO but never use any 'tactics' as I know Google will always reward well written useful content whatever future changes they make.

1 year, 6 months ago on In SEO, the Details Matter (Except When They Don’t)


You can actually replace your snipping tool for screen shots AND the video screen recording by using Jing. It does both of these things for free. You can pay $20 per year to have more than 5 minutes free recording, but you can take screen shots and write all over them for free anyway. I use it to do short how-to screencasts for my clients.


I agree that Wisestamp is a great resource - I'm a Virtual Assistant with a Portfolio Career: I run 3 businesses and have many  email addresses for both myself and my clients accounts, so I can have an email signature for each one. Such a brilliant tool!

2 years, 8 months ago on 5 Tools You Need Throughout Your Whole Blogging Career


That sounded like a great talk from Candy Chang - I wish I'd been there!


Even though my job is to help people be productive, It's so important to live in the present as well. Great things come when you get a chance to reflect and mull an idea over. In fact I would say that one of the greatest luxuries in life is having the time to think an idea through from beginning to end. 


Developing a personal connection with our environment is vital to our happiness and development in my opinion. We have some really hideous car parks near our house, and it would take nothing to just paint a blue sky and white fluffy clouds on them but it would improve the daily lives of so many people. Small things make such a difference to us.

2 years, 11 months ago on Where Big Ideas Come From