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I have sooo many fun memories with my mom!  That is my best friend and we are both very silly, so she was always doing something silly and I always think of these memories when I'm down, because she has been in a coma since July 9th of 2007...but one of the most fun ones would have to be one 4th of July some of my siblings and I were sitting around in the livingroom while my mother was preparing the meat to put on the grill, so all of a sudden my mother comes in the house and is in the kitchen for about two minutes when she runs in the livingroom screaming at one of my brothers "Kevie!!! there's a snake go kill it go kill it!!" So my brother and I both get up and go look in the kitchen and see a tiny, yet gross, slug squirming around lol.  My brother does get rid of it, and then we just look at my mother and all of us, including my mother, start cracking up laughing lol and it's funny because that is my mother all day long lol I love and miss her so much!!!!!

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