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A couple of years ago my mom decided to go back to school. Last time she touched a text book was over 25 years ago in Haiti. The first couple of weeks she began to really struggle with the language barrier between her professors and the course material she began to lose hope. So my sisters and I decided to step in and help her because we hated seeing our mom struggle, especially when we were now old enough to help out. So we got her a digital recorder to record her lectures and we would read her chapters so we can "re-teach" the material she was not able to comprehend in class. We all stepped in and helped her with every aspect of her schooling. One day as usual I would listen to her lectures to prep for her tutoring session with me. As I listened to her professor I geared her friend say, " Yolette why aren't you taking any notes?". My mother replied in the thickest Haitian accent, " my daughter do all the work for me girl, she mad smart! Lol". My moms first A and she shared it with us :-) . That's the day I decided to become a teacher :-) even when I thought I was helping her she in turn was really helping me :-) I love you mom!

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