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Seems like the perfect color combo and the perfect timing for the announcement of the CHARLOTTE HORNETS 2.0!!!



2 years, 3 months ago on “Grape” Air Jordan V


 @andrewlail76  @JohnMorgan1 Ha, well, I appreciate your candor.  As far as writing a counterpoint, pretty much everything I have to say is written above, or in the myriad other exchanges we've had on the subject.  And if you have an example of my "using duck and move tactics, and refusing to be wrong, "just because"", please point them out.  As far as I can remember, I've done never done any of this.  


We've never said anything should happen 'just because'.  We provide logical arguments, followed by the statistics to back them up.  We buy tickets.  The NBA League office seems to agree with us.


How is it possible to 'refuse to be wrong'?  You're correct, I think we're right...just like you think you are.  I have never discouraged lively, civil debate, nor would I.  It's just that there are only 5 or 6 opponents for us to argue with...and y'all never bring anything new to the table.


When 90% of a city feels a certain way about something, 'ducking and moving' isn't really that necessary.


Again, not trying to come off as a jerk, but the wording of your original article reeked of someone frustrated by a rising tide of an inevitability that he doesn't agree with; someone who's run out of angles.  There was zero attempt at objectivity, and the 'publicity hound' comment coupled with the overall tone really rubbed me the wrong way.  Then you basically just profess to the fact that you only said that stuff to rustle up some manufactured acrimony...sorry, Andrew.  You're not getting it here.  I respect your right to feel the way you do, but I'm not going to be your foil.  


Good luck, and Go Charlotte!!!

2 years, 11 months ago on I Loved the Charlotte Hornets, but Why Don't I Want them Back? | May


Ok, I'll bite...


You're totally out of line.


First..."right place/right time"?!?  I started the We Beelieve page in February of 2010.  Pretty much during the high water mark of the franchise.  It wasn't because I'm not a huge fan of the team (I am) or because of some petty vendetta against the former owner, but because I was watching a team I love in a city I love play decent basketball and get next to NO enthusiasm amongst its 'fanbase'.  


Second..."publicity hounds"?!?  Exactly what, sir, is ANY of us gaining out of this past potentially getting the name and colors back to the city/team we love?  Again, I can only speak for myself, but I've done nothing but promote the heck out of something that I really feel strongly about.  It's taking a whole bunch of time and a decent little chunk of change to do some of the stuff we've done.    There's been zero financial gain, and no professional prospects.  When all of this is done, I'll be going to work every day, just like before.  


Why stoop to borderline character-assassination to attempt to make your point?


Third...what in the world does age have to do with anything?!?  Because you're 5 years older than me you somehow posess a deeper understanding of true Hornet fandom?  This doesn't even warrant further rebuttal.


Sorry if I sound a little snippy, but it gets a bit old attempting to deflect this sort of thing on a regular basis (from the same 5 people).  I have zero problem with anyone disagreeing with me.  As far as I've seen, no one on the We Beelieve/Bring Back the Buzz bandwagon does, either.  As a matter of fact, the ONLY people I've seen going after peoples' character, or their motives, are the (handful...we're talking MAYBE a dozen) people who seem to disagree with our stance.  The evidence, argument, and OVERWHELMING tide of public opinion (online, radio, the Observer, the DEPUTY COMMISSIONER OF THE NBA) is stacked against you, so you resort to petty snipes.  No one is telling you not to have an opinion.  Just try to maintain a little personal integrity while you share it.

2 years, 11 months ago on I Loved the Charlotte Hornets, but Why Don't I Want them Back? | May