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Love this! Thank you for sharing!!

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Love... Exceptional example not compromising personal style, elegance, and fashionable grace when we are under the weather.

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I Completed the entry steps!

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I'd wear a fedora over my crazy curls, loose fit and distressed jeans, (rolled up)  distressed brown leather belt, billowy  white  racer back tank-top , and a silk  oversized , paisley print  winter kate open front jacket. Vintage Luggage colored leather flip flops or white and tan oxfords, 1927 gold plated long locket  necklace, lots of bracelets, no earrings and no makeup. large brown leather bag (for blanket, water bottle, and all other essentials....  packed and ready pic!  :-)

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The most fun memory I have with my mom is one that started a joke we still use today.  I went to a private school that required uniforms. We lived in an apartment and did not have washing machine so my mother would wash our uniforms in the sink.  One weekend I forgot to give her my gym uniform and she ended up washing it late.  It was late fall but it wasn't that cold out. She washed it and put it outside to dry on a Sunday night. The temperature dropped and in the morning my gym pants were stiff and literally standing on their own.  At the moment it was the funniest thing ever and my mother tried to ease the situation my saying "its just that material, the material is like that." Although it doesn't seem funny now, it was back then.  And even today whenever something goes wrong no matter what it is we'll say, "ahh its ok, that material is just like that." 

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