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I have dated almost everything under the sun and married interracially as well. I have learned something about men in general from all of them. Skin color doesn't matter, they are still men with the same wants, concerns and desires. Just be comfortable with who you are and love yourself. You will attract someone who loves you as well.  Also be sure the person you do date is secure in themselves, because that makes a huge difference in the success of the relationship. No matter what race they are.



2 years, 7 months ago on Ladies, Don't Sleep on "Swirling" AND Online Dating: One European Man's Take


My most hillarious moment with my mom was when I first got married. My mother, you must imagine, is the most demure woman you'd ever met. Very conservative and modest. After my husband and I got married we were at my mother's house changing clothes for the evening and I went into my mom's bedroom to get something. We began talking while she was undressing. My husband, not quite understanding that you don't enter mom's room without being invited, walked in looking for me. My mother was changing next to her closet and at that moment was stark naked. Now, most people would have hid in the closet or something. Not, my mother, in an attempt to flee the room, she tried to jump across a King sized bed and landed right in the middle of the bed, sunny side up and faced down on the bed. All I could do was burst out laughing as my husband ran out the room laughing his brains out. Welcome to the family.

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